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Author: Scott Kirkman

Morning MIX 5-30-17 – ENACTUS

For this show we welcomed Gulf Coast State College Professor Emmanuel Hernandez.  Professor Hernandez is the faculty sponsor for the ENACTUS group on campus.  He discusses how ENACTUS helps students get jobs and use their business and entrepreneur skills.  He also discusses how the students use these skills at ENACTUS competitions.  We also paid tribute to the late Frank Deford who was a long time sports writer for NPR who died on Sunday at the age of 78.  You can hear some of the best of Frank’s broadcasts by visiting the NPR web site  We also paid tribute in...

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The MIX 5-19-2017 – Steve & Johnnie Drop By

The MIX 5-19-2017. Steve King & Johnnie Putman drop by. The Morning MIX for Friday, May 19, 2017.  Our good friends Steve King and Johnnie Putman from WGN in Chicago always drop by when they are in town.  It was a pleasure to have them in the studio as we talked baseball, music and other randomness.  You can follow Steve and Johnnie on their...

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Scott and Tori go up in T-38 Talon!

  Scott and Tori got to take an exciting ride in a Talon T-38 jet at Tyndall Air Force Base, in prep for the Gulf Coast Salute and Open House at Tyndall Air Force Base. Thanks to Commodore Productions for putting together our breathtaking flight, up and over NW Florida! Scott and Tori would like to thank Tyndall Air Force Base, and Don Arias for this incredible opportunity to be a part...

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Jace Smith & Bob Chirmside

Jace Smith & Bob Chirmside on The Mix 5-15-17 Jace Smith and Bob Chirmside stopped by the MIX to talk about touring and playing with Rick Springfield as we gear up to welcome Rick Springfield to the 2017 GCSC Foundation Gala on May 19th at the Edgewater Beach...

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