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Morning Mix 8-31-17 w/ Brent Peacock

It’s another exciting Thursday on the Morning Mix as we welcome Brent Peacock from the Veterans Business Outreach Center into Studio A! Together we discussed upcoming events from the Outreach Center, resources available to veterans looking to start or grow a small business, and much more. It’s another exciting Thursday on the Morning Mix! For more information about the Veterans Business Outreach Center, you can visit their website at Brent Peacock from VBOC on The MIX...

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Morning Mix 8-30-17 w/ Life Management Center & BCSO

It’s a full studio on the Morning Mix as Tricia Pierce from the Life Management Center and Captain James Daffin from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office joined us for a round-table discussion about youth and drug addiction/gang violence. Together we talked about how youth could get involved in drug use or gang related activity, as well as warning signs for parents to see if their child is involved with these activities. We also discussed resources available to youth who may have fallen into drug addiction. It’s an informative day on the Morning Mix! For more information about the Life Resource Center,...

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Morning Mix 8-29-17 w/ Ian Satter

Our friend from the Florida Department of Transportation, Ian Satter joined us again for the Morning Mix in Studio A! Together we got informed of new updates concerning the many projects they have going on in Bay County including the 23rd Street flyover, the widening of Highway 390, and much more. We even learned what roads FDOT is in charge of in Bay County. For more information on the Florida Department of Transportation and more projects that they have going on, you can visit their website at Ian Satter on The MIX...

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Morning Mix 8-28-17 w/ Warrior Beach Retreat

It’s a full studio on the Morning Mix as Linda Cope and the Warrior Beach Retreat joined us! Together we talked about the upcoming retreat, how the Warrior Beach Retreat helps many veterans and their families, and much more. The opening ceremony starts on Thursday, September 28th at 7:00 PM and is being hosted by Grace Presbyterian Church. The ceremony is free and open to the public. For more information about the Warrior Beach Retreat, you can see their website at Linda Cope and Warrior Beach Retreat on The MIX...

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The Morning Mix 8-25-17

It’s a music filled Friday as Mia Salaveria and Trudie Downs from Go Big or Go Home join us in studio for the Morning Mix! Together we discussed the band’s beginnings, upcoming shows, and even had some live music in the studio! Go Big or Go Home is playing as part of the Backstage Pass concert series at the Marina Civic Center Friday, August 25th. The show starts at 6:30 and tickets are five dollars. You can follow Go Big or Go Home on their Facebook page here. Go Big or Go Home on the MIX...

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The Morning Mix 8-24-17

Students have taken over the Morning Mix as President of the Student Government Association at Gulf Coast State College, Stephanie Kindos, and Gulf Coast’s Green Club President, Erica Warren, joined us in Studio A. We discussed everything from the clubs functions, their majors, and everything in between. We even discussed Club Rush Day, where all the clubs will be on display for students. GCSC Goes Green is a club on campus where students take initiative and help educate people to create a more eco-friendly campus and community. You can follow the Green Club on their Facebook page. SGA is...

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The Morning Mix 8-21-17

It’s an eclipse special of the Morning Mix this Monday as our friends from Chicago and award-winning broadcasters and authors, Steve King and Johnnie Putman, joined us in Studio A. We discuss the dos and don’ts of viewing the solar eclipse, a few superstitions about eclipses, crazy stories, and more. We also play some of our favorite eclipse music to celebrate the eclipse. It’s another shenanigan-filled Morning Mix. Steve and Johnnie also shared with us some information about their book “A Little More Les” which is available now. You can find more about their book at You can...

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